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Payment for Covered Services

San Joaquin County Clinics accept Medicare, Medi-Cal and offers a sliding scale for primary care services. We now offer our uninsured patients payment options in the form of a sliding scale for patients below the 200% Federal Poverty Level. This flexibility in payment makes preventive health maintenance, treatment options and health education financially accessible.

Sliding Fee Scale View Sliding Fee Scale Chart

What is it? The sliding scale is a system that allows individuals that qualify to pay discounted fees for primary care services.

Do I qualify? To determine if you quality for the sliding scale fee we need information about your annual income, and family size. All income is the amount earned, before taxes. You will fill out a client eligibility certification at the first visit, annually, and any time your income and/or family size changes.

How much will I pay? Sliding scale fees differ depending on your income and family size. There are four levels of discounted co-payments. After your eligibility certification is reviewed and you are qualified for the sliding scale fee, you will be assigned one of the four payment levels.

NOTE: All co-payments are due at the time of visit.

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